Where to Put Your Pool Table – Room Sizes

Being that we’re pool table movers, we’re constantly asked by our clients if they’re actually putting their pool tables into the right room in their new home, condo, you-name-it.  This is a more involved question than it seems for any number of reasons, but suffice it to say, the #1 question we ask in response is:

  • “Does your pool table fit into the room you want it in with enough room to actually play pool?”

So, you’ve got 2 choices: you can go all-in with Kramer and Frank, take your pants off and call “8-ball, corner pocket!”, OR you can answer this question easily enough by getting a few measurements from the pool table itself, the pool cues in use, and the room itself.

This chart easily illustrates the space needed to actually play pool on your pool table once we’re done moving it into the new room, rather than you just having a really expensive table with a built-in tablecloth:
pooltablemoving_room_size_for_pool_tableAll of this is to say that you should have a good idea which room in your new place will accommodate your pool table prior to getting dead-set on putting your table in one specific room or another.

Other questions to consider include:

  • What’s the overall feel of the pool table room you’re going for and looking to convey?
  • What color is the room versus the felt color on the pool table?  Do you want to look into refelting the pool table to suit the room, or paint the room to suit the pool table? . . . Or none of the above.
  • What’s the current lighting situation in the desired room?  How willing are you to modify the lighting to suit your pool table?
  • What’s the purpose of adjacent or nearby rooms?  Are you trying to put children to bed in a room with a shared wall to the pool table room where you’re having a couple of friends over for a post-dinner 9-ball tourney?  (If so, you’ll want to put some serious thought into whether this is a good idea, even if only for your own sanity.)

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