Pool Table Moving

Pool Table Movers, Ready to Hustle

“Ah-hooo!”  Like Tom Cruise hustlin’ his way through a game of 9-ball – flinging his cue around martial arts-style – we’re both schooled and crazy about pool, billiards, and even (yes, you guessed it) pool table moving!  We love the games, have tables ourselves and have since made it our business to help out those who do, too.

If you’re looking to move your 7-foot, 8-foot, or 10-foot table or snooker table to your new home, it doesn’t matter to us if it’s around the block or across the country, we’ll gladly help you accomplish the task.  Three-piece standard slate or those monster one-piece slate slabs, it doesn’t matter: we’ve got the equipment and the expertise to get the job done.

And for as weird a song as “Werewolves of London” is, we’re equally unique when it comes to the care we’ll provide your billiards table.  See, just about anyone with a truck and a couple of helpers can call themselves a pool table mover, but there are several things to consider about the company you’re hiring:

What to Look for From a Professional Pool Table Mover

One of the most difficult items to move may be your pool table if you are relocating. It is critical for you to successfully get this item where it needs to be to hire the right professional pool table mover to do this for you. This can prevent a number of problems from occurring with the move, such as requiring a pool table felt replacement in the process. It’s important to know things that should be considered in advance before making hiring a mover to avoid potential damage to your table.

Licensed and Bonded

Before hiring any professional service, you should make certain the people you contract the work out to have the right credentials. One way to do this is by ensuring your pool table movers are licensed and bonded. This simply means that the company you are hiring can be trusted and is legitimate in most cases, but most importantly that they have insurance coverage should something go wrong in the process of moving your pool table (anybody on the road can get into an accident, right?).

Another thing to consider is, like Warren Zevon’s werewolf, are they “sipping a pina colada at Trader Vic’s” prior to showing up on the job?  This should give you a clue that these guys probably don’t have insurance to back up their work, and that you need to consult professional pool table movers.

Additionally, you can bet with more accuracy than the outcome of your next 9-ball game that any company with an insurance policy for pool table moving will have trained their employees on how to do this to avoid incurring the costs themselves.

Right Tools

It is important that the movers have the adequate tools to get the job done. In the case of moving a pool table, it is important that an industrial sized dolly is on hand and other key equipment to ensure this move is done with accuracy.

What type of truck or trailer does the moving company have? It’s important you know this so you won’t have to be overly concerned about damage being done to your pool table. As we mentioned in the previous chapters, it can be pricey if you have to obtain a pool table felt replacement job and could potentially put you out of the game for some time.

Good Reputation

The key to hiring movers you can trust may lie in this company’s reputation. Do you know others who have used this service before and if so, was there good feedback? Check online reviews and ask: were the moves successful ones where there wasn’t any damage to the pool table in question?

You can go online and look at reviews to help you determine if this company does have a good reputation and may be the best one to hire to move your pool table.

The Costs

When it comes to hiring professional pool table movers, you will want to consider the expense that is involved. Be sure to find out if the company you hire charges per mile, per hour, or simply per move. This can prevent you from paying more than you want to get you where you need to go.

Conversely, if the price is too good to be true, the movers may show up in a pickup truck like Joe Handyman. As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for, so don’t make price your only consideration or you may be considering how to pay for a new pool table all on your own.

Additionally, don’t forget to sign a contract that is binding. This will ensure that the mover will be responsible for any damage that may occur to your pool when being transported. For instance, if the felt was torn into during the relocation of the item and you needed to get a pool table felt replacement, the movers should pay for it. Most motor vehicle freight companies only have the minimum coverage required by law, which usually equates to around $.60/lb. So, for a 1,000-lb. table, you’d get $600 if it was a total loss; this is important to consider depending the age and quality of your pool table. Make sure to inspect documents prior to signing with a pool table mover.

Hiring the right movers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your stress level and packing up your belongings. Take the time to consider all the things listed above.

Take your time pondering your next shot – hiring a pool table moving company, then consult the “Color of Money” experts at PoolTableMoving.com: Moving Pool Tables – Across the Country or Around Town.