Pool Table Felt Replacement

Whether it’s time for a color change, one of the kids tried a Masse shot and tore the felt, or a couple of your drunk, drugged-up stock broker friends decided it was beer pong time and your pool table would be the perfect surface, you’re now in need of professional refelting services, or wanting to refelt your pool table yourself.

No worries!  Whether it’s cigar room burgundy that suits your palette, orpooltablemoving_pool_table_felt_colors_options_2 finding your favorite NFL team’s color, or color-matching to blend with your room’s hues, Pool table refelting – and rail re-cushioning along with it – is one of our specialties.

And whether you need the table moved or it’s staying in the same spot, we can accommodate your specific needs.

Think you want to try to do it yourself? No problem – we have a comprehensive DIY Pool Table Moving Guide, which among many other valuable instructions, has a full breakdown of Pool Table Felt Replacement required tools, steps and tips.pooltablemoving_pool_table_felt_colors_options

Otherwise, peruse the color swatches (and, yes, we have many other options) and figure out what’s going to work for your ‘billiard hall’, and then fill out the form to the right to get the ball rolling and we’ll get back to you shortly with more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Just like the practice-makes-perfect that goes into our formidable 9-ball game, we pride ourselves on our experience and capabilities:

  • Prompt Service
  • Professional Refelting and Color-Matching
  • Bundled Discounts if Refelting Accompanies a Move
  • Superior Play Following Pool Table Felt Replacement