Pittsburgh Pool Table Movers

A Steel City if there ever was one (complete with beer named after it), take one Pittsburgh and you’ll realize the working-class inhabitants of this city are just as fanatical about their sports teams as are their in-state distant cousins over in Philly.

From the Pirates to the Penguins and let’s not even think of leaving out the Steelers, this city loves its sports . . . and sandwiches with fries in them!  Pittsburgh pool is played while rooting for Pittsburgh teams in Pittsburgh bars or Pittsburgh man caves, drinking Pittsburgh beer and wearing Pittsburgh colors (Pellow and Plack, duh!).

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, this is one steep area – not for the faint of heart on moving day.  So, if you’re moving to Pitt and have a pool table that’s coming with you, the Pittsburgh Area Pool Table Moving experts are there to help.

From Wilkinsburg to Ingram, Sharpsburg to Green Tree or Dormont, we serve all areas of the Steel City and beyond. Whether you’re moving in and around town or nationwide, we have the experience and capabilities to move your pool table.

Our professional pool table movers:

  • specialize with years of experience in both residential (high-rises, condos, townhomes, single-family units, etc.) and commercial (billiard halls, pool league bars, etc.) pool table moving jobs;
  • have the capabilities to disassemble 7-foot to 12-foot pool, bumper pool, and snooker tables;
  • are schooled in removing and installing pool tables from the trickiest of locations – urban, suburban, rural, or othewise;
  • are experts in assessing the space requirements for your pool table in your new location;
  • arrive early and stay late (if needs be);
  • complete jobs on-time and on-budget;
  • offer pool table felt installation and rail re-cushioning services;
  • carry professional liability insurance (just in case).

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