Orange County Pool Table Movers

Serving Anaheim, Santa Anna, and Irvine, Orange County Pool Table Movers gets your precious slate from one end of the county to the other, or from one corner of the country to the other.

So soak in the beautiful scenery and beaches and let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll put your pool table into your new beachfront home so you can play a game while you’re enjoying the view.

If you’re the proprietor of a billiards hall or bar, we’re also the ones to contact – we help commercial establishments with pool table moving assistance while they renovate or build-out, and we’ve done just as many commercial pool table moving jobs as we’ve done residential pool table moves.

Rather than attempting a DIY move with disastrous results or a potential worker’s comp claim when one of your bartenders drops the corner of a table, contact the Orange County Pool Table Moving professionals for assistance.

Orange County Pool Table Movers –
Serving All of Orange County and Nationwide

Our professional pool table movers:

  • specialize with years of experience in both residential (high-rises, condos, townhomes, single-family units, etc.) and commercial (billiard halls, pool league bars, etc.) pool table moving jobs;
  • have the capabilities to disassemble 7-foot to 12-foot pool, bumper pool, and snooker tables;
  • are schooled in removing and installing pool tables from the trickiest of locations – urban, suburban, rural, or othewise;
  • are experts in assessing the space requirements for your pool table in your new location;
  • arrive early and stay late (if needs be);
  • complete jobs on-time and on-budget;
  • offer pool table felt installation and rail re-cushioning services;
  • carry professional liability insurance (just in case).

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