Do-it-Yourself DIY Pool Table Moving


Do you know at what point in the pool table moving process you are when you’re looking at the image at left?  Probably not . . . In fact, we may as well have just put up a brain surgery video and said, “Have it at!”

No worries, though.  On this page is your key to DIY or Do-It-Yourself Pool Table Moving.  From disassembling your table to getting it onto the truck to not giving yourself a hernia in the process, we have pool table moving answers available for you, along with some highly valuable tips and tricks to ensure you don’t injure yourself, the walls, railings and trim of your luxurious beachfront condo or country estate or downtown loft, and let alone the finish, felt or slate of your pool table.

See, from our years of experience moving tables as we do now – professionally – all the way back to when we were just moving our own pool tables DIY-style, we’ve learned quite a bit, and we’re happy to impart some much-needed pool table moving wisdom so that you don’t break a foot or a hand-crafted table leg . . .pooltablemoving_pooltabledolly

For instance, tools like this table lifter help tremendously, but only if you have the available space to move the table all in one piece (pool halls and bars use these for their heavy coin-operated tables).

Whether you have professional tools to make the job of moving your pool table that much easier, it can certainly be done the old-school way – with a bunch of friends to help.

We’ve put together a Do-It-Yourself Pool Table Moving Guide, and below you have the opportunity to download it so that you can gain from our experience – from absolutely brilliant moments to the ones we wish we didn’t have to claim as our mistakes . . .

In our guide, you’ll find:

  • Common Mistakes When Moving a Pool Table
  • How to Disassemble Your Pool Table (the right way)
  • Packaging Parts and Moving Your Pool Table
  • Reassembling the Pool Table
  • Leveling Your Pool Table
  • Refelting Your Pool Table

Simply fill out the form and you’ll get the guide; perfect for those who have big muscles and some friends available to help!

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