About Pool Table Moving

pooltablemoving_bartable3We started out simply enough -- we love pool: from 8-ball to cutthroat and 9-ball to snooker, and like many billiard aficionados out there, we've seen what happens when the time comes to rather than play pool to move a pool table, whether it be residential (renovating a dining room, pool room, man cave, or garage into a personal billiards hall) or commercial (pool halls, bar build-outs and renovations, etc).

Without the right help, the results of these endeavors can be disastrous on any number of levels ranging from a week-long argument with the spouse up to and including thousands of dollars in repair and fix-it costs paid to a general contractor just for you to get back to square 1 and/or having to sell your table in the process.

Sure, we've seen wives take vengeance out on a pool table (think wine stains and sliced felt) or just plain sell it and go shopping for a nice piece of jewelry while hubby's out with the guys or playing a round of golf.  On the commercial side, we've seen the worst pool tables atslider1_pooltablemoving_beachpooltable the lowest dive bars all the way to the other end of the spectrum at swank, posh poolside bars -- it doesn't matter where the pool table is or where the pool table's going, it matters how it gets there.

Avoiding these costly scenarios is why we created PoolTableMoving.com: our goal is for you to avoid ruining a perfectly good pool table (and hopefully not your relationship in the process).

We also thought it'd be good to include resources:

So, check out our pool table moving and additional pool table resources or get in touch with us via the form to the right to contact a professional pool table moving service in your area.  Eight ball, corner pocket!